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Volume-I, Issue-IV, October-Decmber 2012
Author's Desk
Research Scapes (An International Multi Disciplinary Journal)
Copyright Transfer Form Research Scapes Form
'Guidelines for Submission': Research Scapes publishes work that contributes significantly to the scientific knowledge in various subjects and relevant fields. The manuscripts must be single-spaced typed, written in clear, grammatical English with no typographical errors. Webster's New International Dictionary or the Oxford English Dictionary should be consulted for spelling. Latin plurals should not be used if the English equivalent has become the accepted form, e.g., formulas not formulae. Use of hyphens, capital letters and numbers written or spelled out (e.g., 8 or eight) should be consistent throughout the manuscript. Words at the end of a line should not be dividing. The manuscript with consecutive page numbers should be submitted electronically at

Email :-

AAuthors should carefully read the entire submission guidelines before submitting the manuscript for publication. Authors must ensure that manuscripts are free of grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. These must be thoroughly edited before submission. It is not the responsibility of editors to correct the article grammatically and improve English language of the paper Manuscripts submitted to the journal is accepted on the basis of following criteria::

All manuscripts must be in English and in MS Word format
They have not been and will not be published in whole or in part in any other journal.
  The e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of all authors must be provided.
Illustrations (figures) of manuscripts should be in computer format.
Authors must state in a covering letter when submitting papers for publication the novelty embodied in their work or in the approach taken in their research.
Authors must state in a covering letter when submitting papers for publication the novelty embodied in their work or in the approach taken in their research.
Manuscripts submitted under multiple authorship are reviewed on the assumption that all listed authors concur with the submission and that a copy of the final manuscript has been approved by all authors.
Format & Style: Text of manuscript should be arranged in the following order: Title, Abstract, Introduction, Body Text, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgements and References.
Title: Title should be short and explanatory enough.
Abstract: Abstract should be of no more than 150 words. Below the abstract should provide 3 to 8 keywords. The abstract should not be structured for a brief report, review article, symposia and research methodology. Do not include references in abstract.
Introduction: Introduction should lead the reader to the importance of the study; tie-up published literature with the aims of the study and clearly states the rationale behind the investigation. It should state the purpose and summarize the rationale for the study and gives a concise background. Use references to provide the most salient background rather than an exhaustive review. The last sentence should concisely state your purpose for carrying out the study.
Body Text: It should be elaborative enough to explain all the procedures, methods, observations and data. Use heading and subheading and references wherever needed.
Conclusion: A conclusion might elaborate on the importance of the work or suggest applications and extensions.
Page Layout: Your manuscript must use a page size corresponding to A4 which is 210mm (8.27") wide and 297mm (11.69") long. The margins must be set as follows : Top = 19mm (0.75") Bottom = 19mm (0.75") Left = Right = 12.7mm (0.5")
Page Style and Text Font of Entire Document: The entire document should be in Times New Roman and font size is 12.
References: The authors should list all references alphabetically at end of the paper :
It must be single spaced, and at the end of the manuscript. Each reference should be hanging 0.25" from the left.
References when used in the text enclose the citation in brackets, using author's surname, followed by comma and the year of publication, and arranged chronologically (Boyd, 1992; Kotler, 2000).
In case authors name is part of the text, only quote the year of publication in brackets. Wong, 1995 reported that…Bhatnagar et al. (2007) found that.
References for journals, proceedings of conferences, books, website, and dissertation should follow the Harvard Referencing System.
The authors are advised to mention only those references actually used in their manuscript
MANUSCRIPT CHARGES There is no charge for the publication of papers but author(s) of each accepted paper is required to pay an online maintenance/processing fee of INR 1000 (for Indian Authors) or $50 (50 USD) (for foreign authors), before the accepted paper is published.
Copyright Transfer Form Research Scapes Form
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