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Correlation of knee Pain with Ratings of Perceived Exertion and dyspnoea During Morning Walks in Persons with Osteoarthritis CLICK HERE TO ABSTRACT
Exercise prescription in persons with osteoarthritis commonly includes morning walks. The exercise tolerance is taken into account when prescribing exercises. It is imperative to study the correlation of pain on the general exercise tolerance of persons affected by osteoarthritis. Thus, Correlating VAS with the perceived exertion and breathlessness will be useful. Borg's scale and its modified form are useful to rate the perceived exertion and Dyspnoea. It is also interesting to study the correlation of pain and thereby VAS if any with the ratings on the Borg's scale. The main objectives of this study are 1) To find the correlation between VAS and the Borg's scale and 2) To analyse the correlation between BMI with pain and Borg's scale. The results showed that correlation of age with pain scores was noted to be insignificant ( p=0.989). Age showed no effect on the pain and with perceived breathlessness (p=0.732) and RPE (p=0.298).There was no significant differences between males and females in terms of pain scores, breathlessness and perceived exertion, (p>0.05). Pain scores and rating of perceived breathlessness. The pain scores showed significant positive correlation with the rating of perceived breathlessness (p=0.000). The pain scores showed significant positive correlation with the rating of perceived exertion (p=0.002). BMI showed positive correlation with pain scores, breathlessness and RPE (p=0.000)..
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