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Comparison of Somatictension, cognitive Worry and Self Confidence of Interuniversity Level Athetes of Slected Track and Field EVENTS CLICK HERE TO ABSTRACT
The purpose of study was to investigate and compare somatic tension; cognitive worry and self
confidence of inter varsity level athletes of selected track and field event.The study was delimited to sprinters and jumpers of selected track and field.The study was further delimited to the Inter University level athletes.The study was delimited to asses’ competition anxiety level of competitive inventory – 2. The data containing to somatic tension, cognitive worry and self confidence were collected from27 items of the questionnaire as per the slandered procedure laid down in the normal sports competition anxiety test. There was no significant difference in self-confidence between sprinters and jumpers from track and field athletics.Cognitive worry of sprinters and jumpers were not significantly different Sprinters and jumpers competition anxiety is of same level.Cognitive worry, somatic tension and self confidence of inter university level sprinters and jumpers are of similar level.
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