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Comparative Study on Commercially Available Samples Containing Paracetamol as API CLICK HERE TO ABSTRACT
GAntipyretics & Analgesics are widely used for the fever and different types of body aches. Paracetamol is one, which has antipyretic & analgesic properties. For the present study five brands of easily available samples from the market were compared for their physical and chemical properties and comparative study was made using various apparatus and instruments. To check the quality of paracetamol in different brand the sample were subjected to API test. A comparison was made between the claimed value of the different brand and the observed value. The comparative study results of various antipyretic analgesic samples are discussed in the paper.
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Evaluation Offer Menation Condition for Production of Endopolygalacturonase by fungal strain in Solid State Fermenation CLICK HERE TO ABSTRACT
The production of enzymes by bioprocesses is a good alternative to add value to agro industry residues. Endo PG’s enzyme production was attempted using Aspergillus niger (ATUV08), from the mixture of wheat straw and mosambi peel extract (9:1) under Solid state fermentation. Among the various carbon source and heavy metals were tested, highest yield of pectinase production was observed for starch 39.0 IU ml-1 mg-1 as the carbon source in solid state fermentation. The Endo PG’s production (37.4 IU ml-1 mg-1) was found to be higher in the pH 5.0. A maximum endo PG’s production of 37.8 IU ml-1 mg-1 was obtained in the presence of Zinc sulphate followed by ferric chloride 37.4 IU ml-1 mg-1 at 1 M concentration in solid state medium. The present study showed that the fungal strain Aspergillus niger has high potential for industrial productions of Endo PG’s.
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Modulation of Carcinogeni City by Ocimum sanctum Extract in Swiss Albino and C57BL Mice CLICK HERE TO ABSTRACT
The anticarcinogenic activity of Ocimum extract was evaluated using two stage protocol in skin papiloma model in swiss albino mice and melanomas model in C57Bl tumor bearing mice. Significant prevention in number of papilomas was observed in DMBA+ Ocimum extract +Croton oil group as compared to DMBA+Croton oil. The first appearance of papilloma was also delayed in DMBA Ocimum extract + Croton oil group (52 days) as compared to DMBA+ Croton oil group (29 days).The cumulative numbers of papillomas was also reduced in DMBA+ Ocimum extract + Croton oil group (7) as compared to DMBA+ Croton oil group (40). In another experiment the anticarcinogenicity of Ocimum extract was also studied using melanoma tumour model in the C57 B1 mice. The mice which received extract of Ocimum at the dose of 500 mg/Kg body weight for 30 days showed increase in life span of animals and tumour size was significantly reduced in Ocimum extract treated mice as compared to control. The tumor volume was significantly reduced to 69% and 73% in Ocimum extract treated mice as compared to untreated control animals. These results suggest the anticarcinogenic activity of Ocimum extract and it may be an alternative medicine for chemotherapy of cancer treatment.
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