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Volume-II, Issue-IV, October-December 2013
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Volume-I, Issue-II, April-June 2012
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Volume-I, Issue-IV, October-December 2012
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Volume-II, Issue-III, July-September 2013
Research Scapes (An International Multi Disciplinary Journal)
Planned Management of Pregnancy With Heart Disease : A Multidisciplinary Team Approach Towards Better Maternal & Fetal Outcome Dr. Aziz M. 2 Corewell, 191-A Hazzrat Nizamuddin Colony, Bhopal - 462022, India CLICK HERE TO ABSTRACT
Pregnancy and delivery induce homodynamic changes and put women with heart disease at risk of cardiac complications .The risk of pregnancy should be assessed before and during pregnancy, and management of pregnancy and delivery must be planned accordingly .Adequate pregnancy management includes involvement of a multidisciplinary team that ensures appropriate and well-organized care during pre-gnancy and peripartum. Substandard care is an important contributing factor to the death of many mothers. Substandard care includes insufficient communication between team members and inappropriate delegation of tasks to junior doctors. Adequate organization of care with skilled Multidisciplinary teams' working according to standard operating procedures is important to prevent unnecessary complications.
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