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Research Scapes (An International Multi Disciplinary Journal)
Survey on High speed folding and Interpolation ADC Amplifier in CMOS Technology Baghel R. K. and Soni B.B. NRI Institute of Information Science & Technology, Bhopal, MP, India CLICK HERE TO ABSTRACT
Folding and interpolation ADC has been shown to be an important means of digitization of high BW signals at intermediate resolution. The objective of this paper is to design and identify the performance of the ADC. Flash ADC is one of the faster ways to convert any analog signal to a digital signal. It uses folding and interpolating techniques allow each comparator of the ADC to be reused several times over the full scale input range. In addition interpolating technique can reduce the number of folding circuit required in a folding ADC hence further improve the performance of the ADC in term of capacitive loading and power consumption.
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