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Volume-II, Issue-IV, October-December 2013
Research Scapes (An International Multi Disciplinary Journal)
To Evaluate The Efficacy of Drotin (Drotaverine Hydrochloride) In Cervical Dilatation During Labour Dr. Aziz M.Care well Health Centre, 191-A Hazrat Nizamuddin Colony BHEL, Bhopal MP-462022 CLICK HERE TO ABSTRACT
Labour is essentially one of the most primitive natural physiological events that has intrigued physiologists to this date, the intricacies remaining an enigma. The most vexing issue faced by obstetrician is the deviation of normal labour. Among others, prolongation of first stage of labour is often due to protracted or arrest of dilatation of cervix. Drug which will hasten cervical dilatation and decrease pain without interfering with uterine contractility and thus effectively shorten duration of labour and still not causing any ill effect to the mother and fetus is an ideal drug. The present study was designed to evaluate the efficacy of Drotin in cervical dilatation in providing shorter, safer & relatively painless deliveries..
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