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Development and Validation of Spectrophotometric Method for Simultaneous Estimation of Lornoxicam and Paracetamol in Tablet Dosage Form by Dual Wavelength Method (Shailendra Bindaiya, Santosh Kushwaha, Ameeta Argal) CLICK HERE TO ABSTRACT
A precise, accurate, sensitive spectrophotometric method has been developed and validated for the simultaneous estimation of Lornoxicam and Paracetamol in tablet formulation. This method was based on UV-spectrophotometric determination of two drugs, using dual wavelength method. It involves measurement of absorbance difference at 286nm and 230.5nm were consider for estimation of Lornoxicam, at 257nm and 282nm were consider for estimation of Paracetamol. in 0.1 N NaOH. The linearity was observed in the concentration range of 8-40 µg/ml & 10-50 µg/ml for Lornoxicam and Paracetamol respectively. The accuracy and precision of the method was determined and validated stastically. The method showed good reproducibility and recovery with % RSD less than 2. The method was validated according to ICH guidelines.
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