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Volume-I, Issue-II, April-June 2012
Volume-I, Issue-III, July-September 2012
Volume-I, Issue-IV, October-December 2012
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Volume-II, Issue-II, April-June 2012
Research Scapes (An International Multi Disciplinary Journal)
Programmed Labour - A New Dimension In Management of Labour. Dr. Aziz M. Care well Health Centre, 191-A Hazrat Nizamuddin Colony BHEL, Bhopal MP-462022 (India) CLICK HERE TO ABSTRACT
The Programmed Labour is an indigenously developed protocol for labour management with the dual objective of providing pain relief during labour & reaching the goals of safe motherhood by optimizing obstetric outcome. Pain relief during labour spells a humane approach to delivery. Experience has shown that providing pain relief to the mother allays fear and anxiety, and provides a more favorable environment for improved obstetric outcome. The Labour analgesia ensures relief from pain. Pain relief favours cervical dilatation resulting in labours of shorter duration, less traumatic and requiring lesser obstetric interventions. Shorter labours are also associated with a lowered incidence of intrapartum infections. For the fetus, programmed labour confers the benefits of shorter and less traumatic labour and freedom from obstetric interventions necessitated by maternal distress.
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A Study of The Impact of Self Image on Women Skin Care Users In City of Jabalpur. Khan A. F. ASTT. PROFESSOR SAHIB INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, INDORE CLICK HERE TO ABSTRACT
In the era of globalisation and digitization, improved employment access, high female literacy rate and exposure to advertisements have triggered a process of social comparison where an individual tries to evaluate his/her by the artificial depicted. This reflected self helps to shape the self concept which implies that an individual wish to see them and also how often people perceive them. This paper focuses on an effort to determine consumer buying behavior through the impact of self image on the purchase of skincare products by Women living in the city of Bhopal. Questionnaires were distributed and self administered to 125 respondents. Chi-square test was used in the study. The sample size of 125 respondents includes only women skin care users both working & non working .The findings of the study skin care indicated that there is a positive relationship between the self image and the usage of skin care products.
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