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Volume-I, Issue-II, April-June 2012
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Volume-I, Issue-IV, October-December 2012
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Volume-I, Issue-II, April-June 2012
Research Scapes (An International Multi Disciplinary Journal)
Heavy Metals In Fly Ash of Singrauli Thermal Power Plants Its Impact on Environment And Ecology, A Sequential Analysis. Dr.Khan A.A. and Dr. Aziz M. CLICK HERE TO ABSTRACT
Singrauli is situated in North Eastern Parts of Madhya Pradesh. It is granted a district status on 24 May 2008 with headquarters at Waidan after separating the three eastern Tehsiles of erstwhile Sidhi district. Singrauli is rich in coal deposits, emerging as India's Energy capital and locally is called as 'URGANCHAL' which means land of Energy. The area of study is about 1000 bounded by latitude 24°00' to 24°15' and longitude 82°25' to 82°50' in parts of Survey of India top sheet Nos. 63L/7, 8, 11, 12, 15 and 16 on scale 1:50,000 for the studies.
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Medicinal Use of Plants Linked To Belifes & Religious Rites. Iyengar S. and Gupta A. CLICK HERE TO ABSTRACT
Religious techingh teach us that the Earth is sacred hence protection & preservation of the environment has been integral to religious ethos of most human communities. Mythologically significant plants have medicinal bearing and therefore good for an individual's health. This paper describes some such plants which are used to worship Lord Shiva.
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