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Volume-I, Issue-IV, October-December 2012
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Volume-II, Issue-III, July-September 2013
Research Scapes (An International Multi Disciplinary Journal)
Anxiety In Adolescents In Relation To Educational And Vocational Interest Ms. Thakur D. and Dr. Sharma C. CLICK HERE TO ABSTRACT
The study was carried out with an attempt to find out the anxiety level in adolescents of 10th class in relation to their educational and vocational interest. A sample of 100 students (50 boys and 50 girls) was selected from K.V.Bairagarh secondary school . Educational interest record ,Vocational interest record and Comprehensive anxiety were used to collect the data. The findings revealed that the two groups have been seen to differ significantly on variables under investigation excluding educational interest. Besides, gender differences could not be established.
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